Paradise Regained Summary & Analysis

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About Poem- Paradise Regained

Poem TitleParadise Regained
AuthorJohn Milton
Date of publication1671
GenreEpic poetry
StructureConsists of four books
StyleBlank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter)
Verse formBlank verse
SpeakerThe narrator
SubjectThe temptation of Jesus Christ in the wilderness
SettingThe wilderness of Judea
Major themesTemptation, resistance, faith, obedience, redemption
Key symbolsThe wilderness, the devil, Jesus Christ, the angels

Themes- Paradise Regained

The themes of the poem “Paradise Regained” by John Milton are:

  • Temptation ➤ The poem is all about the temptation of Jesus Christ in the wilderness. Satan tries to tempt Jesus into using his divine powers for his own personal gain, but Jesus resists all of his temptations.
  • Resistance ➤ The poem also explores the theme of resistance. Jesus shows us how to resist temptation, even when it is coming from the devil himself.
  • Faith ➤ Jesus’ victory over Satan is a testament to his faith in God. He never doubts God’s love for him, even when Satan tries to convince him otherwise.
  • Obedience ➤ Jesus also shows us the importance of obedience. He obeys God’s commands, even when they are difficult to follow.
  • Redemption ➤ Jesus’ victory over Satan is a victory for all of humanity. He shows us that we can be redeemed from our sins, even if we have fallen far from God.

Characters- Paradise Regained

The main characters in the poem “Paradise Regained” by John Milton are:

  • Jesus Christ ➤ He’s the protagonist, and the poem focuses on his resistance to temptation and his divine qualities.
  • Satan ➤ The devil and the antagonist of the poem. He disguises himself as an old man and tries to tempt Jesus into using his divine powers for his own personal gain.
  • The Narrator ➤ The speaker of the poem, who is not explicitly identified but is often interpreted to be Milton himself.

Paradise Regained Summary & Analysis

“Paradise Regained” by John Milton is a poem that tells the story of Jesus Christ resisting temptation in the wilderness. It’s a shorter sequel to Milton’s famous work, “Paradise Lost“. It is a four-book epic poem that is written in blank verse and is considered to be one of Milton’s greatest works.

Book 1

The poem starts with Jesus, who is now an adult, arriving at the Jordan River, led by the Holy Spirit. He’s there to be baptized by John the Baptist. Satan, who is nearby, sees this as an opportunity to tempt Jesus. Satan tries to persuade Jesus to use his divine powers to turn stones into bread because he is hungry. But Jesus resists the temptation, saying that man should not live by bread alone but by the word of God.

Book 2

Satan takes Jesus to the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem, suggesting that he jump down, for the angels will save him, thus gaining fame. Jesus refuses, stating that it’s wrong to test God in this way. Satan then shows Jesus the world’s kingdoms from a high mountain, offering them to him in exchange for worshipping him. Again, Jesus declines, saying he will only worship God.

Book 3

Satan takes Jesus to a high mountain once more and tries to convince him to embrace worldly power. He suggests that Jesus can rule the world and establish a glorious kingdom. Jesus, however, rejects this offer, asserting that God alone should be worshipped and served.

Book 4

Satan takes a different approach and tempts Jesus with knowledge and wisdom. He questions why Jesus would limit himself to a humble life when he could gain vast knowledge and influence. Jesus remains steadfast, asserting that spiritual wisdom is more valuable than worldly knowledge and that obedience to God is his sole purpose.

FAQs- Paradise Regained

What is the message of Paradise Regained?

The message of Paradise Regained is that faith and obedience to God can overcome even the greatest temptations.

What is the main idea of paradise?

The main idea of the poem is a place of perfect happiness and peace, where humans are in perfect harmony with God and nature.

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