A Winter’s Promise-Christelle Dabos | Summary, Themes & Synopsis

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TitleA Winter’s Promise
AuthorChristelle Dabos
GenreFantasy, Young Adult
Published2013 (original French edition), 2018 (English edition)
SeriesThe Mirror Visitor Quartet
Number of Pages492
SettingA world of floating celestial islands
ProtagonistOphelia, a shy and reserved young woman

Christelle Dabos’ fantasy book”A Winter’s Promise” is about a little girl named Ophelia who has the ability to discern items’ histories via touch. It takes place in a cosmos where heavenly floating islands called Arks exist.

The book was translated into English by Hildegarde Serle in 2019. In 2013, “La Passe-miroir, tome 1: Les Fiancés de l’hiver” was the book’s debut French publication.

A winter’s promise Characters

The main characters of A Winter’s Promise are:

  • Ophelia – The protagonist of the narrative, Ophelia, is a quiet, reserved young woman who has the ability to understand the history of things. Thorn, a powerful and mysterious figure from another ark, is her fiancé.
  • Thorn – Ophelia’s enigmatic and commanding fiancé, he comes from the far-off Ark of the Pole and possesses a unique power to control gravity. He is from the powerful noble lineage called the House of the Dragon.
  • Archibald – Ophelia’s uncle and guardian, he is a kind and caring man who helps her navigate the treacherous world of the Arks.
  • Berenilde – Thorn’s aunt, she is a calculating and ambitious woman who seeks to manipulate Ophelia to further her own agenda.
  • Farouk – The head of the Farouk family and the wealthiest and strongest man with aspirations to control the Arks is Farouk.
  • Victoire – Ophelia’s cousin, she is a gregarious and outgoing woman who becomes Ophelia’s closest confidante and ally.
  • Roseline – A member of the Dragon House and Thorn’s cousin, she is a haughty and disdainful woman who views Ophelia as a threat to her own position.
  • Renard – A member of the Dragon House and Thorn’s cousin, he is a dashing and charming man who becomes a potential romantic interest for Ophelia.
  • Tante Rosamonde – Ophelia’s aunt, she is a sweet and caring woman who provides a sense of stability and comfort to Ophelia throughout the book.

A winter’s promise Themes

  • Identity and self-discovery – As Ophelia navigates the complex political and social facets of the society she lives in, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. She finds it difficult to understand her unique abilities and make a name for herself in a society that values power and position.
  • Betrayal and loyalty – The novel looks at the complex relationships between the people as well as the deceit that usually happens when ambition and power are at stake. It also highlights how essential building strong relationships and succeeding are, particularly when it comes to trust and commitment.
  • Power and corruption – The novel examines how abuse of power may lead to ethically questionable decisions being made by individuals. It highlights how important transparency and accountability are to sound government.
  • Family and relationships – The novel is mostly focused on family and relationships, and the author explores their complexities, particularly the tension between duty and love.
  • Mysticism and magic – The novel is filled with mysticism and magic and it includes people who have a range of paranormal abilities. It examines magic’s limits and how they impact the future of the earth.

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A winter’s promise Synopsis

The main character of Christelle Dabos’ young adult fantasy novel “A Winter’s Promise” is Ophelia, a member of the Anima clan with the power to learn an object’s history just by touching it.

When Ophelia becomes betrothed to Thorn, a member of the fierce and mysterious Dragon clan, she is forced to leave her home and navigate the dangerous politics of the other clans at the Pole.

Ophelia must learn to trust Thorn and her own abilities in order to survive in this perilous environment as she begins to learn about conspiracies and secrets.

A winter’s promise Full Book Summary

The novel opens with Ophelia, a character from a world of the Ark of Anima, where people have special skills and are related to one another through blood. Ophelia is a “reader” who has the unusual ability to read an object’s past through touch. This talent has caused her to be rejected by her family because it has made her a “reader.”

However, soon after, she receives a surprise marriage proposal from Thorn, a prominent and well-known member of the Dragon clan from the Ark of the Pole. Despite her reservations, Ophelia must accept the proposal since the Arks have a tradition of arranging marriages based on power and ancestry.

Thorn’s family sees Ophelia with mistrust and contempt when she visits the Ark of the Pole. She immediately discovers that there are dark intrigues at play, political tensions, and the fact that she was chosen specifically.

Ophelia’s role is to spy on the other Arks for Thorn’s family and discover what they are keeping secret. In an effort to protect her own family and find out the truth about her new spouse, she unwillingly agrees to the duty, but she subsequently regrets it.

According to Ophelia, the “Invisible,” a powerful force in the Arks is responsible for many disappearances and mysterious deaths that have happened throughout the various Arks.

She also learns that she is a pawn in a larger game and that other factions place a great value on her ability to see into the history of objects. Ophelia must navigate this dangerous world, all while keeping her true motives hidden from those around her.

Throughout the book, Ophelia faces many challenges and obstacles, both physical and emotional. She is forced to adapt to the new customs and expectations of her new home, while also trying to uncover the truth behind the mysteries of the Arks.

Ophelia encounters a variety of emotional and mental difficulties during the course of the book. She is motivated to solve the mystery surrounding the Arks while also learning the new traditions and expectations of her new home.

The book’s dramatic and thrilling conclusion is the battle between the several factions vying for power and control over the Arks. Ophelia must use every wit and talent she possesses to survive and protect those she loves.

She learns that sometimes the strongest power comes from the most improbable sources and that there are allies in unexpected places. Ophelia succeeds in the end, but at a huge personal cost.

She is no longer the same person she was when she first stepped foot on the Ark of the Pole because of the growth and changes she has through on her voyage.

Ophelia and Thorn eventually fall in love, but their relationship is complicated by the fact that they are from different Arkans. Ophelia is also struggling to come to terms with the fact that she is a Reader, and that she has the power to read people’s minds.

In the end, Ophelia and Thorn must work together to save the Arks from a terrible danger. They must also face their own personal challenges, such as Ophelia’s fear of her powers and Thorn’s loyalty to his family.

The ending of A Winter’s Promise is open-ended, but it suggests that Ophelia and Thorn will be able to overcome their challenges and find a way to be together. It also suggests that the Arks will be able to survive the danger that threatens them.

About the Author-Christelle Dabos

NameChristelle Dabos
Date of BirthMay 17, 1980
Place of BirthCannes, France
Notable Works“The Mirror Visitor” series
EducationMaster’s degree in library science

A winter’s promise FAQs

What is the winter’s promise about?

A Winter’s Promise is a young adult fantasy novel by Christelle Dabos, set in a world of floating celestial islands, where a girl with the ability to read the past of objects becomes embroiled in political intrigue.

Is there romance in a winter’s promise?

Yes, there is romance in “A Winter’s Promise”, a fantasy novel by Christelle Dabos. It follows the story of Ophelia and Thorn’s unexpected love.

Is A Winter’s Promise worth reading?

Yes, A Winter’s Promise is worth reading for fans of Young Adult Fantasy. It has a well-crafted world, unique characters and an intriguing plot.

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