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TitleWhy We Buy: The Science of Shopping
AuthorPaco Underhill
Publication DateNovember 1, 1999
PublisherSimon & Schuster
GenreNon-fiction, Business, Marketing
Number of Pages256
Main TopicThe science of shopping and consumer behavior
Key ConceptsRetail anthropology, consumer psychology, shopping behavior, store design and layout, merchandising, product placement, branding, marketing
Target AudienceRetailers, marketers, business professionals, students of business and marketing
Writing StyleAccessible, informative, engaging, based on real-world research and examples

Why We Buy Themes

  • The importance of observation – Underhill emphasizes the importance of observation while discussing how it might help us understand how others behave. Observing how consumers move around a store, what catches their attention, and what they ignore may teach retailers a lot about how to improve the shopping experience.
  • The role of gender in shopping behavior – According to Underhill, Men and women frequently have distinct shopping habits. For example, women tend to be more detail-oriented and spend more time browsing, while men tend to be more goal-oriented and focused on finding specific items.
  • The impact of technology – Underhill talks on how technology has altered the shopping experience, from internet buying to mobile apps to in-store virtual reality displays. He contends that in order for merchants to remain competitive, they must be aware of these developments and respond.
  • The importance of store layout – Underhill talks on the significance of store layout and how it might affect consumer behavior. He points out, for instance, that positioning high-margin goods at eye level can boost sales while complex shop layouts might turn away customers.
  • The psychology of shopping – Underhill looks at the psychology of shopping, looking at factors including social influence, the impact of emotions on choices and how people use buying to express themselves.

Why We Buy Summary

Paco Underhill’s book “Why We Buy” explores the science of consumer behavior and how it affects our purchasing choices. Underhill is a specialist in retail and consumer behavior and he leverages on his many years of experience working as a consultant for significant manufacturers and retailers to offer a perceptive analysis of the purchasing process.

The book is divided into parts. The first part “The Mechanics of Shopping,” talks about basic ideas that underlie store layout and design. The importance of factors like store lighting, signage and product placement in creating a joyful shopping experience is covered by Underhill. He also discusses how technology is used in retail, from cash registers to in-store displays.

The second part “The Social Psychology of Shopping,” explains how social influences affect human behavior. Underhill investigates how our purchasing decisions are influenced by elements like store ambiance, salespeople, and other customers. He also talks about how our social identities and cultural origins might influence how we purchase.

The book’s last part “The Future of Shopping,” focuses into how consumer behavior and the retail sector are changing. Underhill examines the effects of e-commerce and online shopping on conventional traditional stores as well as how emerging technology like mobile devices and augmented reality are transforming the buying experience.

Throughout the book, Underhill supports his points with a number of case studies and actual examples. Additionally, he provides manufacturers and retailers looking to expand their businesses with a lot of insightful guidance.

For example, he offers advice on how to design effective displays and signage, educate salespeople and create a welcoming atmosphere in a store.

Why We Buy Synopsis

Why We Buy by Paco Underhill is a fascinating exploration of consumer behavior and the science of buying. By using a combination of observation, research and data analysis, Underhill gives readers a tour of the world of retail while shedding light on the subtle factors that influence our purchasing choices.

From the structure of the store and product placement to the lighting and music, every aspect of the shopping experience has been carefully planned to influence us to spend more money. Why We Buy by Underhill contains not just insightful but also humorous thoughts for anybody who is interested in the psychology of shopping.

About the Author-Paco Underhill

Full NamePaco Underhill
Date of BirthMarch 31, 1943
Place of BirthBeverly Hills, California, USA
EducationBachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning from the University of California,
Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Master’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of California, Berkeley
ProfessionFounder and CEO of Envirosell, a global research and consulting firm that specializes in analyzing consumer behavior and retail trends
Notable Works“Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping” (1999)
“Call of the Mall: The Geography of Shopping” (2004)
“What Women Want: The Global Market Turns Female Friendly” (2010)

Why We Buy FAQs

What is “Why We Buy” about?

“Why We Buy” is a book that explores the science of shopping. It looks at how people behave in retail environments and how retailers can use that information to create more effective store layouts and marketing strategies.

What kind of research is covered in “Why We Buy”?

“Why We Buy” covers a range of research methods including observational studies, focus groups and surveys. Underhill also draws on his own experience working with retailers to provide real-world examples of how the research can be applied.

What are some of the key insights in “Why We Buy”?

Some of the key insights in “Why We Buy” include the importance of store layout, lighting and signage in influencing customer behavior. Underhill also emphasizes the role of emotions in shopping and how retailers can use sensory cues to create a more engaging shopping experience.

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