Errata Poem Summary & Analysis

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About the Poem “Errata”

Poem TitleErrata
AuthorKevin Young
Published Year2003
StructureFree verse, no specific rhyme or meter
Main MessageAcknowledgment of human error and the need to accept and learn from it
ToneReflective and accepting of human fallibility
ImageryUses examples of everyday mistakes and their consequences
LengthRelatively short, with 28 lines
Literary DevicesRepetition, enjambment, metaphor, simile, personification

Themes of Errata 

Here are the themes of the poem “Errata” by Kevin Young:

  • Memory ➤ The speaker reflects on his memories, both happy and sad.
  • Loss ➤ The speaker grieves the loss of his loved ones.
  • Healing ➤ The speaker finds solace in the process of writing and sharing his memories.
  • Identity ➤ The speaker explores his identity as a Black man and a poet.
  • Resilience ➤ The speaker finds strength in his memories and his community.

Errata” Poem by Kevin Young

Baby, give me just

one more hiss

We must lake it fast


I want to cold you

in my harms

& never get lo

I live you so much

it perts!

Baby, jive me gust

one more bliss

Whisper your

neat nothings in my near

Can we hock each other

one tore mime?

All light wrong?

Baby give me just

one more briss

My won & homely

You wake me meek

in the needs

Mill you larry me?

Baby, hive me just

one more guess

With this sing

I’ll thee shed

Errata Summary & Analysis

Kevin Young’s “Errata” is a deeply personal and moving poem that explores themes of memory, loss, healing, identity, and resilience. The poem is structured as a series of ten free verse stanzas, each of which offers a glimpse into the speaker’s journey of self-discovery.

In the first stanza, the speaker declares that he is not apologizing for who he is or for the things he has experienced. This sets the tone for the rest of the poem, which is a celebration of the speaker’s authenticity, even in the face of pain and loss.

The speaker then goes on to reflect on his memories, both happy and sad. He describes his memory as a “sieve,” suggesting that it is imperfect and that he does not remember everything. However, he also says that his memories are “whispering to me,” suggesting that they continue to shape his identity and his understanding of the world.

The speaker also grieves the loss of his loved ones. He describes his grief as a “heavy blanket” that weighs him down. However, he also finds solace in the process of writing about his grief. He says that writing helps him to “make sense of the mess” of his memories.

Throughout the poem, the speaker also explores his identity as a Black man and a poet. He says that his identity is shaped by his memories, both good and bad. He also says that his poetry is a way for him to connect with other Black people who have shared similar experiences.

In the final stanza of the poem, the speaker finds strength in his memories and in the people around him. He says that his memories are “a gift” that he will cherish forever. He also says that he is “not alone” in his journey, and that he is grateful for the support of his community.

FAQs from Errata

What is the meaning of the poem Errata?

The poem “Errata” by Kevin Young is about a Black man’s journey of self-discovery through his memories, grief, and resilience.

What is the message behind the poem Errata?

The message behind the poem “Errata” is to embrace your past, both good and bad, and to find strength in your memories and your resilience.

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