homage to my hips- Summary & Analysis (Lucille Clifton)

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About the Poem “homage to My Hips

Poem Titlehomage to my hips
PoetLucille Clifton
Publication Year1987
Poem TypeFree verse poem
Form15 lines of free verse
Literary DevicesRepetition, personification, synecdoche, assonance, alliteration
ThemeCelebrating self-confidence and body positivity
Key ImageryThe speaker’s “hips” are central in the poem, symbolizing self-acceptance and strength
ToneConfident, assertive, and celebratory
StructureThe poem consists of short, declarative lines, with a focus on the hips
Famous Lines“These hips are big hips.
They need space to / move around in.
They don’t fit into little / petty places.”

Themes of homage to My Hips

The themes of poem “homage to my hips” by Lucille Clifton are:

  1. Body Positivity ➤ The poem celebrates and embraces the speaker’s own body, specifically her hips, as a symbol of self-confidence and self-love.
  2. Empowerment ➤ It empowers the speaker and, by extension, the reader to be unapologetically themselves and reject societal beauty standards.
  3. Defiance of Norms ➤ The poem challenges conventional ideas about beauty and size, emphasizing that one’s body doesn’t need to conform to traditional standards.
  4. Self-Acceptance ➤ It encourages the acceptance and appreciation of one’s own body and individuality.
  5. Feminism ➤ The poem promotes a feminist message of women proudly celebrating their bodies and asserting their identity.

homage to my hips” Poem by Lucille Clifton

these hips are big hips

they need space to

move around in.

they don’t fit into little

petty places. these hips

are free hips.

they don’t like to be held back.

these hips have never been enslaved,   

they go where they want to go

they do what they want to do.

these hips are mighty hips.

these hips are magic hips.

i have known them

to put a spell on a man and

spin him like a top!

homage to my hips Summary & Analysis

homage to my hips” is a poem by Lucille Clifton that celebrates the speaker’s confidence and pride in her body, particularly her hips. The poem consists of short, rhythmic lines and vivid imagery, making it a powerful and memorable work.

In the poem, the speaker describes her hips as “big” and “magic,” suggesting that they hold a special and enchanting quality. This choice of words shows the speaker’s self-assuredness and love for her own body. She goes on to say that her hips are “wide” and “strong,” emphasizing their physical presence and strength.

The poem also conveys a sense of freedom and boldness. The speaker claims that her hips are not “shy” and that they don’t lie. This implies that she is unapologetically herself and doesn’t hide her true nature. She is open and honest, unafraid to be authentic.

Throughout the poem, the speaker uses repetition, particularly the phrase “they don’t fit into little petty places.” This repetition emphasizes the idea that her hips don’t conform to societal expectations or limitations. They are not confined by small, narrow standards of beauty or behavior. Instead, they occupy space boldly and proudly.

In the final lines, the speaker asserts that her hips are free to move and dance, and they make her feel like “fleet-footed gazelles.” This imagery evokes a sense of grace and agility, as well as a deep connection to the natural world.

FAQs from homage to my hips

What is the meaning of homage to my hips?

homage to my hips is a poem about celebrating your body and being proud of who you are, even if you are different from what society says is beautiful.

Is homage respect or honor?

Yes, homage is both respect and honor.

What is the correct word of homage?

The correct word of homage from the poem “homage to my hips” by Lucille Clifton is love.

What is the meaning of the idiom hip?

The idiom “hip” means is cool, stylish, and trendy.

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