Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren | Summary, Themes & Analysis

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TitleLove and Other Words
AuthorChristina Lauren (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings)
GenreRomance, Contemporary
Publication dateApril 10, 2018
PublisherGallery Books

Love and other words Summary

“Love and Other Words” is a novel by Christina Lauren published in 2018. The protagonist of the book is Macy Sorensen, a successful paediatric resident who, after eleven years apart, reconciles with Elliot Petropoulos, her childhood sweetheart and first love. The narrative goes back and forth between the past and the present, offering hints about Macy and Elliot’s past while simultaneously examining their current relationship.

The story begins with Macy, now 29 years old, and her fiancé, Sean, travelling to choose their wedding attire. Macy discovers a bookshop as she is waiting for her appointment, which used to be one of her favourite hangouts when she was younger. Once a wave of memories are triggered by the finding, Macy decides she wants to get back in touch with Elliot. The narrative jumps back in time to when Macy and Elliot first met when they were both twelve years old as she searches for him.

Macy had a challenging childhood and felt abandoned as a result of her mother’s premature passing. Elliot, her new neighbour, however assisted her in finding solace, and the two of them became friends. Because they shared a love of reading and writing, and spent many hours discussing their shared interests, the two became good friends. Over the time, they became closer, and finally they began dating. Even Nevertheless, Elliot and Macy’s romance came to an end when Macy abruptly and indirectly ended it.

When Macy and Elliot get back in touch, they start to realise how deeply connected they were as kids. Macy, however, struggles with choosing between her allegiance to Sean and her affections for Elliot. She must choose between sticking with the secure and comfortable life she has created for herself and following her heart.


Themes of first love, grief, and the influence of literature on our lives are all explored by Christina Lauren throughout the book. The bond between Macy and Elliot is shown as being profound and significant, spanning both space and time. The story also describes how trauma may affect our relationships and sense of self in the long run.

Everybody who has ever been in love will be able to relate to “Love and Other Words,” a powerful and emotional book. The novel is exquisitely written, with visual imagery and complex characters that come across as actual people. The book serves as a monument to the strength of love that endures and the value of following your heart, even when doing so requires taking chances and making unpopular choices.

About the Author

Authors Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings go by the pen name Christina Lauren. The “Beautiful” series, “Wild Seasons” series, and “Dating You/Hating You” are among the contemporary romance books for which they are most known. “Autoboyography” and “My Best Half-Night Stand,” two young adult novels, are also co-authored by them. When both were employed by legal firms, Christina and Lauren connected in 2009, and they started writing together in 2010. Both California and Utah are where they presently call home.


What is Love and Other Words about?

In Christina Lauren’s book Love and Other Words, Macy Sorenson, a young adult, reunites with Elliot, her childhood best friend, after a long gap. The narrative jumps back and forth between Macy’s teenage years and her present-day existence as she deals with her history and her affections for Elliot.

What is the genre of Love and Other Words?

Love and Other Words is a contemporary romance novel.

When was Love and Other Words published?

Love and Other Words was first published on April 10, 2018.

Is Love and Other Words part of a series?

No, Love and Other Words is a standalone novel.

What themes are explored in Love and Other Words?

In Love and Other Words, themes like love, sorrow, and sadness are discussed along with friendship and family.

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