Things We Never Got Over Summary by Lucy Score

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TitleThings We Never Got Over Summary
AuthorLucy Score
Publish Date12 January 2022
No. of pages562 pages
GenreRomance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance, Thriller
Publisher‎Bloom Books

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The story is delivered in 1st person chapters that switch between Naomi Witt’s & Knox Morgan’s points of view. 

Naomi Witt travels to the little community of Knockemout in northern Virginia to assist her twin sister, Tina. Although Naomi & her sister have grown apart, Naomi is eager to get back together and help as a way to cope with her emotional stress, she had skipped her marriage ceremony to a wealthy entrepreneur just days before. Naomi escaped via a church toilet window during the rehearsal, seeing the enormity of her error in marrying this man. 

Her sister fools her & takes her car and money. She vanishes, leaving behind her little girl, a bright & intelligent 11 year old girl named Waylay. Naomi quickly bonds with the girl & acknowledges her role as her guardian.

When Naomi gets a job at the town bar, she encounters Knox Morgan, a hunky barman who won the state lottery 2 years ago and owned the bar and a block of businesses in town. Knox’s sudden wealth affected his relationship with his brother Nash, the city’s sheriff. Knox has isolated himself from the rest of the world, happy to spend his time with his basset hound. 

Despite their mutual attraction, Naomi and Knox are not interested in a relationship. However, Knox shows a special interest in Naomi & ensures both she as well as Waylay have a place to call home, since Waylay’s mother has left, CPS (Child Protective Services) is concerned that Waylay is being cared for.

Naomi adjusts to life in town & makes connections with her neighbours and coworkers, but there is conflict between the Morgan brothers since they are both captivated to Naomi’s endearing smile, easygoing demeanour, and appealing looks. However, their tense relationship is abruptly ended when Nash is shot twice during a routine traffic stop. He heals and recognises his brother’s affections for Naomi.

Naomi has no idea what happened with her sister or exactly where she is. Naomi approaches her parents to inform them that they have a grandchild whom they have never met. They quickly arrive at Knockemout to meet with Waylay & assist Naomi. Naomi’s love for Waylay is unconditional and unbreakable. Meanwhile, she grows fond of Knox’s difficult as well as prickly personality. When Naomi & Knox engage in sexual activity, they both find the experience incredible. They still refuse to name it love or conceive of it in terms of a relationship.

Naomi’s ex-fiancé unexpectedly appears at the bar and insists that she return to New York with him, claiming that her journey is finished. But when he tries to control her, Knox steps in and kicks him out. Naomi draws closer to Knox, who finally tells us about the emotional pain his lotto victory caused him and the breakdown in his family. He is also troubled by memories of his father, who is an alcoholic. He refuses to commit to Naomi & the two split up. 

Tina reappears. She kidnaps Waylay and fools Naomi into visiting an abandoned manufacturing park near Washington. Naomi meets her sister’s lover, the son of a legendary Washington crime leader who wants to start his own business dealing in stolen automobiles.

The issue is that Tina & her lover have essential information about their large crime operation on a flash drive, particularly the names of police officers who had to be removed. Waylay concealed the file,  the boyfriend is confident that threatening Naomi with death would compel her to reveal where she placed the flash drive. Naomi quickly realises who shot Nash.

Just as his partner is about to harm Naomi, the cops, lead by the Morgan brothers, show up. Tina’s boyfriend escapes amid the ensuing turmoil. Knox realises, upon reuniting with Naomi, that he has wasted too much time denying a relationship with Naomi & he proposes. With Tina facing substantial prison time, Naomi & Knox decide to adopt Waylay.

Naomi & Knox face the painful reality of Waylay attending college on a football scholarship five years later. Knox, who is now three years sober, has reconnected with his father. Naomi & Knox have adopted two daughters, a 3 year old and an infant, because they are unable to conceive children of their own. With the aid of their friends & family, the couple prepares for a stressful but love-filled year ahead.


What is the Things We Never Got Over about?

Naomi (36), a runaway bride, finds herself in a little village she is unfamiliar with as her life falls apart.

Is Things We Never Got Over worth reading?

Yes, We Never Got Over is worth reading. I recommend that you read this book.

Is Things We Never Got Over a happy ending?

Yes, there is a happy ending in the book. They marry and have two children.

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