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About the book-Verity

Book TitleVerity
AuthorColleen Hoover
Publication DateDecember 7, 2018
GenreThriller, Romantic Suspense
PublisherHoover Ink, Inc.

Verity Main Characters

Main Characters for the book “Verity” by Colleen Hoover:

1. Verity Crawford – Verity is the enigmatic and acclaimed author of a popular book series. She is known for her captivating and dark storytelling. Verity is described as mysterious, complex, and deeply troubled. Her past and present actions play a pivotal role in the story, and her character evolves throughout the book.

2. Lowen Ashleigh – Lowen is a struggling writer who is hired to complete the remaining books in Verity’s series. She is drawn into Verity’s life and becomes increasingly fascinated and disturbed by the secrets she uncovers. Lowen is determined and curious, often finding herself questioning Verity’s motives and unraveling the truth.

3. Jeremy Crawford – Jeremy is Verity’s husband and a successful, well-known author himself. He hires Lowen to write the remaining books in Verity’s series after an accident leaves Verity unable to continue. Jeremy is caught between his love for Verity and his growing feelings for Lowen, making him a conflicted and complex character.

4. Crew Crawford – Crew is Verity and Jeremy’s young son. He becomes an integral part of the story, as his presence and innocence add an emotional layer to the events unfolding around him. Crew’s interactions with Lowen create a bond between them and he becomes a catalyst for uncovering the truth.

Verity Themes

1. Trust and Betrayal – “Verity” addresses the complex topics of trust and betrayal in interpersonal relationships. The narrative digs into the repercussions of betrayed trust and the ongoing ramifications it may have on people.

2. Obsession and Manipulation – The book explores themes of obsession and manipulation as it digs into the shadowy side of human nature. It draws attention to how these negative inclinations might influence people to take ethically dubious actions.

3. Redemption and Forgiveness – “Verity” also delves into the themes of redemption and forgiveness. It explores the possibility of healing and finding redemption even in the face of past mistakes and unforgivable actions.

4. Identity and Self-Discovery – Throughout the narrative, the characters in “Verity” undergo a journey of self-discovery, grappling with questions of identity. The book explores how individuals can redefine themselves and find their true selves amidst the chaos of their circumstances.

5. Power and Control – The theme of power and control is prevalent in “Verity.” It examines the ways in which power dynamics can impact relationships and the lengths some will go to gain or maintain control over others.

6. Morality and Consequences – The book delves into moral dilemmas and the consequences that arise from the choices characters make. It raises thought-provoking questions about the blurred lines between right and wrong and explores the price one must pay for their actions.

7. Love and Sacrifice – “Verity” also explores the theme of love and sacrifice. It delves into the lengths people will go to protect and save those they care about, even at great personal cost.

Verity Synopis

Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, is offered a lucrative opportunity to finish a bestselling series by the acclaimed author Verity Crawford, who is unable to continue writing due to a recent accident.

Lowen accepts the offer and moves into Verity’s house to go through her notes. As she delves into Verity’s work, she uncovers dark secrets that could destroy everything and everyone involved.

The lines between truth and fiction blur, and Lowen finds herself caught in a web of lies, manipulation and danger.

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Verity Full Book Summary

Lowen Ashleigh, a writer, witnesses the death of a guy on her way to a meeting with her publisher. Jeremy Crawford, a gorgeous stranger, helps her. They quickly bond and share their recent personal bereavement experiences. Verity’s mother died of cancer lately. Both of Jeremy’s twin children died within six months of each other. They part ways, only to realise they are both on their way to the same rendezvous at Pantem Press. Jeremy is the husband of Verity Crawford, a well-known author who cannot complete the final three novels in her successful series The Noble Virtues.

The offer sent to Lowen begs her to complete the books in exchange for a large sum. Lowen accepts the proposal and agrees to fly to Vermont to collect notes from Verity’s office. Lowen’s literary agent and previous lover, Corey, urges her to be cautious given the strange nature of Verity’s automobile accident, which has rendered her immobile.

Lowen makes his way to Vermont. Crew, a five-year-old boy, is the only surviving Crawford kid. Uncomfortable, Lowen strives to settle in and get to work. She soon discovers a book titled So Be It, which she misidentifies as Verity’s autobiography but is a writing exercise in which Verity explores violent emotions to understand people better. Verity and Jeremy’s first encounter in the autobiography burst passionately, and their lively sex life takes centre stage. Lowen notices Verity looking at her while she reads and feels increasingly intimidated by her presence. 

Lowen is disturbed by the manuscript’s content and assumes Verity played a hand in her daughters’ deaths. Lowen and Jeremy’s connection deepens, and they almost kiss. Lowen learns about Verity’s twins, Harper and Chastin, and how she neglects them throughout the day while Jeremy is at work.

Lowen goes for a sleepwalk and wakes up in Verity’s bed. She tells Jeremy about a horrible event she had when she was ten, culminating in her mother’s neglect and a two-week mental examination. Jeremy consoles Lowen. Jeremy installs a lock outside Lowen’s bedroom door to calm his fears.

Lowen learns about Verity’s dream in which Harper murders Chastin. As a result, Verity decides to murder Harper by forcing her to drink her vomit. Jeremy intervenes before she achieves her goal. Verity becomes pregnant with Crew to appease Jeremy, who feels Verity is not treating Harper appropriately. 

Lowen relaxes with Jeremy on the eve of her 32nd birthday. They start having intercourse. Lowen notices Verity standing at the top of the steps, observing them. Lowen resolves to complete the autobiography before deciding whether or not to tell Jeremy the truth about Verity. She learns that Chastin died during a sleepover due to an allergic reaction. Verity becomes certain that Harper was involved in her sister’s death. Lowen is momentarily alone with Verity on her birthday, whom she confronts. Verity is immobile. Later that evening, Lowen advises that Jeremy place Verity in a nursing home to alleviate the strain of her care.

Harper drowned in the water, according to Lowen. Verity purposefully capsizes the boat and does not seek to rescue Harper. Jeremy informs Lowen that Verity will be transferred to a nursing home on Monday and requests that she stay another week. She concurs. They have exposed intercourse.

When Lowen is alone with Crew, he quizzes him about Harper’s death date. Crew slashes himself with a knife by mistake. Jeremy drives him to the hospital for sutures, leaving Lowen alone with Verity. Lowen locks the door and installs a baby monitor in Verity’s room. She keeps an eye on the monitor and reads the final chapter of the text. Verity’s book concludes with Jeremy doubting Verity’s role in Harper’s death. Verity considers suicide as a reaction.

Jeremy reappears. Lowen notices Verity lying on the floor of her bedroom on the baby monitor. She dashes upstairs to face Verity once again. Jeremy grabs Lowen and orders her to leave. Lowen ultimately hands over the document to Jeremy and requests that he read it. Jeremy confronts Verity & threatens to call the cops on her. Verity blinks and opens her eyes. Jeremy starts strangling her. Lowen interrupts him and proposes he murders Verity in the same manner she attempted to murder Harper as a newborn. Verity was choked on her vomit by Jeremy. Lowen and Jeremy swear they will never talk about what occurred.

Seven months after Lowen Ashleigh and Jeremy Crawford killed Verity for what they believed she did to her children, Lowen discovered a letter that had the potential to change everything. The letter was from Verity to Jeremy, and it revealed that the entire autobiography she had written was a lie. She had never killed Harper or tried to kill Crew. She had written the autobiography as a writing exercise, to see if she could write from the perspective of a villain.

Lowen was devastated by the revelation. She had believed that Verity was a monster, and she had helped to kill her. She also realized that she had fallen in love with Jeremy based on a lie. Lowen confronted Jeremy with the letter, and he was equally devastated. He had loved Verity and believed that she was a good person. He couldn’t reconcile the woman he knew with the woman who had written the autobiography. Lowen and Jeremy decided to keep Verity’s secret. They didn’t want to destroy Crew’s reputation or their own relationship. But the truth haunted them both.

In the end, Verity, the queen of manipulation, even after her death, won. She had destroyed their lives with a lie.

The ending of “Verity” is both ambiguous and disturbing. It leaves the reader wondering about the nature of truth and reality. It also raises questions about the ethics of writing from the perspective of a villain.

Verity FAQs:

What is Colleen Hoover’s Verity about?

Colleen Hoover’s Verity is a suspenseful book about a struggling writer who uncovers dark secrets while researching a successful author, blurring the lines between truth and fiction.

What reading age is Verity for?

Verity is recommended for readers aged 14 and above

Does Verity have a happy ending?

Yes, Verity has a happy ending.

Is Verity a sociopath or psychopath?

Verity is a horrifying psychopath.

About the Author-Colleen Hoover

Verity Colleen Hoover Summary
Full NameColleen Hoover
Date of BirthDecember 11, 1979
Place of BirthSulphur Springs, Texas, United States
GenreYoung Adult Fiction, New Adult Fiction, Romance
Notable WorksConfess” (2015)
Reminders Of Him” (2022)
Ugly Love” (2014)
“Verity” (2018)
Regretting You” (2019)
Awards and Honors– Goodreads Choice Awards Winner
– Romance Writers of America RITA Award Winner
– Indie Choice Book Awards Winner
– Indie Reader Discovery Award Winner
Social Media HandlesTwitter: @colleenhoover
Instagram: @colleenhoover
Facebook: @AuthorColleenHoover
Goodreads: Colleen Hoover

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